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The fingers can become stiff and difficult to move. If diabetes has been poorly controlled for years, it can feel like you have pebbles in your fingertips. Hard, thick, and swollen-looking skin can spread, appearing on the forearms and upper arms. It can also develop on the upper back, shoulders, and neck.

In rare cases, the skin over the knees, ankles, or elbows also thickens, making it difficult to straighten your leg, point your foot, or bend your arm. Wherever it appears, the thickened skin often has the texture of an orange peel. This skin problem usually develops in people who have complications due to diabetes or diabetes that is difficult to treat.

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Getting better control of your diabetes can bring relief. You may also need physical therapy. When the thickening skin develops on a finger, toe, or other area with joints, physical therapy can help you keep your ability to bend and straighten the joint. 4. Blisters, It’s rare, but people with diabetes can see blisters suddenly appear on their skin.

The blisters tend to form on the hands, feet, legs, or forearms and look like the blisters that appear after a serious burn. Unlike the blisters that develop after a burn, these blisters are not painful. Blisters Large blisters like this one can form on the skin of people who have diabetes.

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Sometimes, it’s called diabetic bullae. Tell your doctor about the blisters. You’ll want to take steps to prevent an infection. Talk with your doctor about how to better control your diabetes. 5. Skin infections, People who have diabetes tend to get skin infections. If you have a skin infection, you’ll notice one or more of the following: Hot, swollen skin that is painful An itchy rash and sometimes tiny blisters, dry scaly skin, or a white discharge that looks like cottage cheese A skin infection can occur on any area of your body, including between your toes, around one or more of your nails, and on your scalp.

Get immediate treatment for the infection. Tell your doctor if you have frequent skin infections. You could have undiagnosed diabetes. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you may need better control of it. 6. Open sores and wounds, Having high blood sugar (glucose) for a long time can lead to poor circulation and nerve damage.

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Poor circulation and nerve damage can make it hard for your body to heal wounds. This is especially true on the feet. These open wounds are called . Diabetes and feet If you have diabetes, you should check your feet every day for sores and open wounds. Get immediate medical care for an open sore or wound.

7. Shin spots, This skin condition causes spots (and sometimes lines) that create a barely noticeable depression in the skin. It’s common in people who have diabetes. The medical name is It usually forms on the shins. In rare cases, you’ll see it on the arms, thighs, trunk, or other areas of the body.

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The medical name for this skin condition is eruptive xanthomatosis. Tell your doctor about the bumps because this skin condition appears when you have uncontrolled diabetes. Talk with your doctor about how to better control your diabetes. 9. Red or skin-colored raised bumps, Whether this skin condition is associated with diabetes is controversial.

Several studies, however, have found this skin condition in patients who have diabetes. One such study found that people with diabetes were most likely to have granuloma annulare over large areas of skin and that the bumps came and went. Another study concluded that people who have granuloma annulare that comes and goes should be tested for diabetes.

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Let your doctor know if you have bumps like those shown here, especially if the bumps come and go. 10. Extremely, dry itchy skin Dry, itchy skin If you have diabetes, you’re more likely to have dry skin. High blood sugar (glucose) can cause this. If you have a skin infection or poor circulation, these could also contribute to dry, itchy skin.

Ask your doctor if you should get tested for diabetes. If you have diabetes, ask your doctor if you need better control of it. When to see a dermatologist, Diabetes can cause many other skin problems. Most skin problems are harmless, but even a minor one can become serious in people who have diabetes.

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Warning Signs of Diabetes Do you think you or your child may have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes? Knowing the early warning signs and symptoms of diabetes is important to avoid diabetes complications. Without immediate attention, diabetes can be life-threatening. Check out the list below - then see your doctor or healthcare professional to get the diabetes treatment you need.

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What are the Warning Signs of Type 2 Diabetes? The symptoms of type 2 diabetes are similar to those of type 1 diabetes. But the onset of type 2 diabetes is usually slower and the symptoms are not as noticeable as those for type 1 diabetes. For these reasons, many people mistakenly overlook the warning signs.

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Diabetes Brochures for you! Here are some brochures you can download right now to learn more about what is diabetes?, diabetes treatment, warning signs of diabetes, and to get helpful info for your child with type 1 diabetes. You can also sign-up below to get news and tips about diabetes emailed to you.

Download this helpful guide now. Get news about research toward a cure, diabetes management tips, information for parents of children with type 1 diabetes and more. Sign up and become a DRI Insider today! .

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If you are excessively thirsty or using the bathroom nonstop, you may need to consult a healthcare provider Have you noticed that you’re excessively thirsty lately—and going to the bathroom nonstop? Chances are it’s happened to you at some point for one reason or another. But what you may not realize is that when these two symptoms are chronic, they can be signs of diabetes mellitus, a condition where your blood sugar is out of control.

occurs when your pancreas fails to produce insulin—the immune system destroys the cells that produce it. Previously known as juvenile diabetes, it can occur at any age. occurs when your “cells do not respond as well to insulin as they should, and additional insulin is required to achieve the same effect as before,” Dr.

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Weitzner says. “Sometimes diabetes symptoms start suddenly in Type 2 diabetes; but it is usually more slowly progressing with some people having symptoms for months before they are diagnosed.” There is also the incidence of pancreatic diabetes, which sometimes occurs after removal of, or damage to, the pancreas. The warning signs for diabetes may depend on the type of diabetes you are developing.



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